An experienced team of telecom industry channel, business development and marketing professionals leads the Brookside Group. Together, we have nearly 100 years of telecom industry expertise as consultants and corporate managers. We are not technologists – we leave that up to the consultants and our vendor clients. The principals and affiliates at Brookside are channel, marketing and business development professionals specializing in this unique telecom market niche.

Here is a snapshot of Brookside’s team:

Michael (Mick) Sawka, Founder and Principal

Mick Sawka is the founder and Principal of The Brookside Group. Mick has 25+ years of senior level telecom industry business development, marketing and consulting experience. Recognizing the market role and influence of telecom consultants, Mick has built The Brookside Group into the industry leader in designing, developing and managing highly effective and customized Telecom Consultant Liaison or Channel Programs for both established and emerging telecom vendors.

Larry Lisser, Channel Program Development

Larry Lisser brings 15+ years of sales, marketing and business development experience in communication technology. Larry has gained a deep understanding of distribution strategy and implemented channel models that have succeeded in markets ranging from small business through to large enterprise. Larry has provided direction to technology companies ranging from telecom to web-based B2B services. Larry provides hands-on channel management and development expertise to Brookside’s clients.

Scott Bresnick, Technology Development and Client Services: Scott brings 10+ years of marketing management and business development in the communications industry. Scott began his career at Bell-Labs Lucent Technologies where he worked in the Advanced Technologies division and has since provided Web 2.0 marketing support to various companies and new ventures in wireless technology and internet telephony.

Dave Laughland, Business Development Affiliate: Dave brings 30+ years of senior management leadership in telecom channels, marketing and legal counsel, along with serving on the boards of several start-up companies in IP voice technology, wireless data software, storage service provider and video conferencing. Dave uses this vast telecom, channel and marketing expertise to help businesses grow in their current markets and enter new markets. He is a real value-add resource to Brookside’s clients.

“If telecom consultants are not a component of your company’s marketing/sales program and channel mix, they should be. Consultants are an underutilized, well established source of market intelligence and influence. If your firm is not effectively educating, supporting and building relationships with the consultants most active and influential in its served markets, chances are these consultants are not recommending your products and services to their clients (your customers). We welcome the opportunity to discuss how your firm can drive incremental sales through the influence of consultants. “ Mick Sawka, Founder and Principal, The Brookside Group